Dear Customer, Dear Partner, As you know, the COVID-19 outbreak is currently dominating international news and we, at BALI OCEAN SURF, understand this is a concerning time for all.

Regarding the current worldwide turbulences, many plans need to be postponed.

At this moment, we are dedicating all our efforts to help you with the immediate future bookings and easing our cancellation policies to provide you the best options for your future trips.

Please be sure we are taking all necessary actions to cope with the situation and we will contact you personally to find the best solution.

 Our COVID-19 action plan sees the implementation of temporary changes to our policies and we will monitor the global situation as it evolves and keep in touch.


 We decide to create the "SUPERFLEX  VOUCHER".   For those unable to travel due governments bans, they will obtain a voucher. We call it SUPERFLEX because it's  TIME UNLIMITED, valid for ALL OUR SURF PACKAGES and  TRANSFERABLE.


New booking must be confirm by BALI OCEAN SURF. 

New trip price must be less than or equal to original trip booking.

If the new trip is of greater value the balance must be collected in full at the time of rescheduling.

 This offer is applicable for those who have made at least one deposit payment.


Note: Anyone choosing not to travel due to fear of the outbreak is subject to normal cancellation terms. It is our mission to provide an unforgettable surfing experience and nothing has changed with our commitment, we will continue to give you the best service and answer any request you have.


Thank you for your support and your understanding during these times.


Sincerely, BALI OCEAN SURF Team